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Holistic health care promotes a healthy whole body, whose systems work in harmony and are enhanced to their maximum potential. This results in an increased resistance to disease, relief from pain and an enhanced state of general well-being.

Dogs and cats are very important family members who play a significant role in our daily lives. For that reason, it is our responsibility to make sure that family pets receive the proper nutrition to promote good health and a long life. As a distributor we know that change is needed long term and that the Pet Industry does not only consist of animals that are inside our home environment, so we represent "Pet and Wildlife" product lines. At Natural Pet Distributor's Ltd., we strive to help create a cleaner environment with Pet Food and Accessory Distribution of product lines that are better for the Planet.

Natural Pet Distributor's Ltd. mission is to be socially and environmentally responsible with the products we provide. We focus on superior nutritional pet foods and high-end quality accessories. We strive to find products that choose to reduce their carbon footprint, manufacturers that use "Upcycle" materials, and recyclable packaging. Our goals are to represent manufacturers that go that "Extra Country Mile" to be environmentally friendly. This allows Natural Pet Distributor's Ltd. to offer uniquely designed products to reflect the combined personalities of our retailers, their customers, and their pets.

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Natural Pet Distributor's Ltd was founded in August 2006 by Alexandra Wilcox. We continue to focus on quality products that are Locally source & Owned, Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible. Each member of the Natural Pet Distributor’s Ltd team members has a passion to meets and exceeds the highest level of distribution service. With our superior customer service, customers know they can rely on Natural Pet Distributor's Ltd to provide quality products, reliable order processing and delivery. Natural Pet Distributor’s Ltd is committed to promoting a healthy partnership with our customers because...

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